Two-axis solar tracking pv array


This device was initially built as a semester project for Dr. Goswami’s “Solar Energy & Applications” graduate course at USF. Dr. Goswami also serves as co-director of the Clean Energy and Research Center (CERC) at USF and invited me to participate with the group in a research exposition for the Florida Governor-elect Rick Scott in Fall 2010. While it currently functions beautifully to track the sun, I have plans to add components to improve and expand upon its functionality.

Main Components:

  1. -Arduino Duemilanove w/ Atmega328 controller

  2. -RTC DS1307 Real Time Clock

  3. -Four 1W photovoltaic cells

  4. -Two Futuba 180 degree standard servos

  5. -Parallax 3” x 4” servo proto-board

  6. -Battery case (4.8V AA)

  7. -Four 1.2V AA (rechargable)

  8. -Acrylic Chassis

Additions currently being integrated:

  1. -Charging control circuit for the batteries